You allow down a moan involuntarily as he presses a nipping kiss from the nape of one’s throat, smiling against the skin.

“Does that feel great, Jagi? Let me know as he leaves little love bites all along your neck and shoulder, soothing each spot with a kiss if you want me to stop, okay? ” Nodding, you whimper quietly.

He approximately begins to grind their hip against your leg and you lift it therefore he rubs their crotch. A growl of arousal rings in your ear as he bites your earlobe, giving another revolution of shivers down your back, giving another moan from your own lips.

Frequently he had been therefore mild with you, as you had been made from porcelain. But this brand new part of Jungkook both terrified you and turned you in like no other. You’d no clue that the like spurts of discomfort could build into such pleasure, each small nip and push driving your core crazy with desire.

Moans leaked from your lips as he nearly scammed your top, causing you to be in just a bra and shorts. He smirked against your belly while he puts chaste and teasing kisses along your stomach key. Teasing hands applied you carefully throughout your shorts and also you could feel your self currently starting to drip with excitement. Anything you could think of was how badly he was wanted by you to the touch you.